Aerial shot of the University and the surrounding area

Click here for a floor plan of the Gilbert Scott Building (pictured above).

Navigating around campus

In the Hunter Halls, registration will be held, publisher exhibition stands will be hosted, institutional research posters will be displayed, and refreshments will be served. To reach the Hunter Halls (A14 on Campus Map) and other main building conference venues:

1) Enter the Main Gate. (The building to the left of the main gate on University Avenue is the McIntyre Building (A22 on Campus Map).)

2) Walk straight forward, turn left at the red phone boxes and cross the car park.

3) Walk through the archway on your right (pictured in the centre of the image below).

4) Go up the steps ahead of you and you’ll reach the West Quadrangle (A6 on Campus Map).

From this position:

  • The Hunter Halls (A14 on Campus Map) are through the cloisters to your left.
  • The Gilbert Scott Conference Suite (A27 on Campus Map) is opposite you and across the lawn.
  • The Bute Hall (A13 on Campus Map) can be accessed via the doors to your left once you enter the cloisters.
  • The East Quad Lecture Theatre (A25 on Campus Map) is just off of the East Quadrangle (A5 on Campus Map), on the other side of the cloisters.
  • The Fore Hall (A8 on Campus Map) can be accessed via the West Quadrangle.

HH = Hunter Halls
BH = Bute Hall
GS = Gilbert Scott Conference Suite
EQ = East Quad Lecture Theatre
FH = Fore Hall
X = Bus Stop
Arrow on right points to Main Gate
Arrow nearer to centre shows route through to West Quadrangle

The Cloisters

Aerial view of the East Quadrangle