Research posters invitation

We are inviting departments and research centres in European universities to submit posters featuring their research on China in the conference exhibition premises. Deadline 30 June 2018.

Poster Guidelines

The university has a poster production unit that will allow us to print research posters in house. However, they have specific requirements for set up. Please find these details below.

  • File format: Please send a Power point file and a PDF of the Power point file


  1. Please use high resolution images where possible (minimum of 300 dpi). Images are less likely to pixilate or warp upon printing. The dpi information can be found under the ‘details’ tab on the image and by selecting property information
  2. Please ensure all images are appropriately referenced to ensure that we do not breach copyright law

Set up your PowerPoint slide before creating your poster

  1. If creating on a PC: Design tab, Page setup
  2. If creating on a Mac: File, Page setup
  3. Overtype the slide sizes with your required size:
  4. A0 portrait: 84.1 x 118.9 cm (reverse figures for landscape orientation)

Font size guidance

  • Headings: 80-100 pt
  • Sub-headings: 40-80 pt
  • Main text: 20-40 pt
  • References: 16-20 pt


Try not to allow text to run across the full width of your poster. Splitting text into columns and text boxes is usually easier to read, and more striking from a distance.


The poster can be sent to us using the University of Glasgow’s Transfer system.

  • Go to the following webpage: and click ‘drop off’.
  • It will ask for the following sender information ‘Name’, ‘Organisation’, and ‘email address’.
  • You will be sent a confirmation to your email address that includes a link to the next step. Please click this link.
  • You will then be taken to the file transfer page. Posters should be sent to In the message box state ‘Poster sent on behalf of [institution/centre]’ and upload the poster.


The cost of the poster is £45. Payment can either be made with cash when you arrive in person at the registration desk in Glasgow or we can issue you with an invoice. If you’d like us to invoice you, please send the following information to

  • Name of foundation/organisation 
  • VAT registration number (if indeed yours is a VAT registered organisation) 
  • Address 
  • Telephone number and email address 
  • The amount (in this case £45)

Please ensure that this information is precise and correct, as re-issuing invoices once they’re prepared can be a lengthy process.